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"I decided what the cats are made of!"
"Gypsy is cupcakes and muffins and rainbows and sunshine.  Smooze is bottle caps and pennies and back issues of National Geographic and toy trains."
"And you're made of sadness held together with chewed gum and smegma."
"You're made of hair held together with eyeliner and the sepia filter on a camera and the keys to an out of business Sizzler buffet."
"Eat a bag of whale dicks."
"Let's wax your head!"
"Let's put bleach in your eyes."
"Let's pour drano in your ears and see if it kills you or makes you retarded."
"Let's set fireworks off in your cunt."
"Let's feed you glass."
"Let's tie you up in the ice cave and rape you with a turkey carver."
"Let's put you on a trampoline and I'll get underneath and start stabbing at it with a sword and we'll see how long you survive."
"I'm not going to marry you."
"Thank god."

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