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So, today my boss told me that she wanted me to go on a leg of the Musink tour (the Kat Von D tattoo convention...last year it was just a weekend, this year it's a whole tour) which I've been wanting to do for MONTHS for a million reasons, not the least of which because fucking Motorhead is headlining.  I never thought she'd let me go, though, because I'm so busy at work all the time.  Anyway, she decided I was going.  And there was much rejoicing.

Until I just google-searched to find out the tour date specifics for my calendar and oh, hey!  One fucking hour ago they announced that Musink is cancelled due to the "current economic climate".


Fade was going to come over tonight so we could go see Nachtmystium, but I decided to be responsible and vote against that because, for real, so fucking unbelievably busy at work and no matter how much we say we're going to bed at a reasonable time we'll be awake until the sun comes up for sure.  Now I'm grumpy and want to change my mind, though.

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